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Ross Grassie


Technical Programme Manager, Senior Researcher

Research Interests:
  • Quantum Machine Learning

  • Verification

  • Quantum Stack

As the Technical Programme Manager for the Quantum Software Lab, my job is to connect the researchers in the QSL with each other, the rest of the university, and new and existing industry and government partners. In making these connections, I facilitate project creation and help define the overall strategy for how the QSL will deliver on its mission to accelerate the search for useful quantum applications.

In addition to this role, I am also a Senior Researcher in the QSL, participating in several projects on topics including

the use of quantum unsupervised learning for anti-money laundering,

quantum algorithms for flight path optimisation and

quantum generative modelling for genomics and finance.

I completed my undergraduate in Computer Science and Physics at the University of Edinburgh before going to Imperial College London to study for an MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces. I then spent a year in industry, during which I spent some time as a Business Management Analyst at Standard Life and a researcher at Cambridge Quantum Computing. I returned to the University of Edinburgh to undertake a PhD in Mathematical Physics before joining the Quantum Informatics team under the supervision of Raul Garcia-Patron and then Elham Kashefi.

Featured Publications:

Grassie, Ross. "Beyond Lorentzian Symmetry." preprint arXiv:2107.09495 (2021).

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