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Quantum Software Lab hosted at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh that is one of the largest of its kind, ranked 1st for research power in Computer Science in REF2021. QSL in collaboration with the National Quantum Computing Center will identify, develop and validate real world use cases for quantum computing. Researchers at QSL in partnership with industry professionals and NQCC’s applications engineers are transforming existing computational challenges into research problems that can be tackled using quantum technology. 

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Fostering Quantum Innovation

If it takes a village to raise a happy child, it takes an entire ecosystem to unearth practical quantum applications. 


The Quantum Software Lab serves as a central hub for quantum software development in the UK, attracting new research talent, nurturing the next generation of quantum software developers, and offering a wellspring of scientific expertise to the broader quantum community.


Through a strategic partnership with the NQCC, it cultivates a community of quantum software specialists who collaborate with hardware developers and end-users across government, academia, and industry, with the aim of propelling the development and adoption of practical quantum computers.


Our workflow is designed to harness the full range of ICT skills for the development of a comprehensive roadmap. It encompasses various stages, starting from identifying pain points and abstracting their requirements, through to conceptualising the appropriate algorithms, implementing them on existing or emerging hardware, and culminating in performance benchmarking against classical solutions, as well as the verification of quantum implementations.

Meet The Team

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Our team consists of over 60 researchers in quantum computing and quantum software applications, united by a common enthusiasm to explore the boundless possibilities of this exciting technology.


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