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QSL Seminars

20th Jun 2024

A tour of the zoo of tensor network simulators

Pablo Andres-Martinez

13th Jun 2024

The problem of photon loss in DVLOQC

James Mills

6th Jun 2024

Learning simple quantum channels

Chirag Wadhwa

30th May 2024

Security and Efficiency of Delegated Quantum Computing

Dominik Leichtle

14th Mar 2024

The Penrose tiling is a quantum error correcting code

Latham Boyle

29nd Feb 2024

Characterising & Controlling Complex Quantum Processes with Classical Memory

Philip Taranto

29nd Feb 2024

Quantum programming and algorithms based on higher-order quantum operations

Mio Murao

22nd Feb 2024

Qualitative equivalence between incompatibility and Bell nonlocality

Ravi Kunjwal

18th Feb 2024

Introduction to quantum learning theory
Chirag Wadhwa

14th Nov 2023

Gate-efficient fermionic quantum state preparation with a Natural-Orbitalizing variational scheme
Pauline Besserve

14th Nov 2023

Harnessing quantum coherence for unlocking hybrid and multisource thermodynamic operations in autonomous thermal machines
Kenza Hammam

13th Nov 2023

 TKET 2 - Next Generation Quantum Compiler​
Ross Duncan (Quantinuum)

2nd Nov 2023

A gentle introduction to dagger category theory and categorical quantum mechanics.
Matthew Di Meglio

19th Oct 2023​

On quantum oracles and their role in cryptography and machine learning.
Mina Doosti

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