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Quantum Week 2024


One week, three events  |  Edinburgh  |  15th-19th April 2024

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QSL Seminars

22nd Feb 2024

Qualitative equivalence between incompatibility and Bell nonlocality

Ravi Kunjwal

18th Feb 2024

Introduction to quantum learning theory
Chirag Wadhwa

14th Nov 2023

Gate-efficient fermionic quantum state preparation with a Natural-Orbitalizing variational scheme
Pauline Besserve

14th Nov 2023

Harnessing quantum coherence for unlocking hybrid and multisource thermodynamic operations in autonomous thermal machines
Kenza Hammam

13th Nov 2023

 TKET 2 - Next Generation Quantum Compiler​
Ross Duncan (Quantinuum)

2nd Nov 2023

A gentle introduction to dagger category theory and categorical quantum mechanics.
Matthew Di Meglio

19th Oct 2023​

On quantum oracles and their role in cryptography and machine learning.
Mina Doosti

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