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Suchetana Goswami

Senior Researcher

Research Interests:

Resource efficient secret sharing and state discrimination, Noisy quantum computation, Resource requirement in quantum computation and algorithms, Entanglement detection in bipartite and multi-partite systems, PPT or bound entanglement and indecomposable positive maps, Applications and uses of quantum coherence in information processing, Preservation of different quantum resources under decoherence, Self-testing of quantum correlations in device independent scenarios, Weak measurements, weak values and its various applications, Quantum thermodynamics, Indefinite causal order and quantum switch

Suchetana is currently focused on establishing a connection between the fundamental aspects of quantum information theory and various cryptographic protocols. Additionally, she is examining non-local quantum features, such as quantum entanglement, from a resource theoretical perspective and in terms of applicability alongside exploring the effects of noise resulting from the open dynamics of a given quantum system

1. Information locking and its resource-efficient extraction [link] 2. Entanglement and coherence in the Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm [link]

3. Breaking absolute separability with quantum switch [link]

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