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Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown

Chancellor's Fellow at EPCC, University of Edinburgh

Research Interests:
  • Quantum Computing,

  • HPC, 

  • Programming Models, 

  • Performance, 

  • Energy Efficiency

Dr Oliver Thomson Brown is a Chancellor's Fellow at EPCC at the University of Edinburgh, and his research is focused on the interaction of quantum computing and HPC. He leads EPCC's Quantum Applications Group, and is a member of the NQCC Quantum Software Lab. His expertise is in simulating large quantum systems, and he completed his PhD in computational many-body quantum theory at Heriot-Watt University in 2018.

Featured Publications:

- Energy Efficiency of Quantum Statevector Simulation at Scale, J. Adamski, J. P. Richings, O. T. Brown, 2023, arXiv:2308.07402

- Localization to delocalization transition in a driven nonlinear cavity array, O. T. Brown, M. J. Hartmann, 2018, arXiv:1709.02165.

- Dissipation-Induced Mobility and Coherence in Frustrated Lattices, E. T. Owen, O. T. Brown, M. J. Hartmann, 2017, arXiv:1612.07243.

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