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Myrto Arapinis

Myrto Arapinis

Reader (Associate Professor) at School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Research Interests:
  • Quantum cryptography

  • Verification of crypto protocols

  • Formal models

  • Protocol composition

  • Applied cryptography

Dr. Arapinis received her PhD from the University of Paris XII. From 2008 to 2013 she was a Research Fellow with the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham. She joined the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, as a Lecturer in September 2013. The vision of Dr. Arapinis' research is to propose logical foundations for automatic analysis of up-to-date electronic systems with respect to users’ security and privacy. Her work in the area of formal analysis of security is articulated around three axes: modelling protocols and their properties, developing tools and reduction results for the automatic verification of cryptographic protocols, and applying the developed tools and theories to real life systems

Featured Publications:
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