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Elham Kashefi

Elham Kashefi

Personal Chair in Quantum Computing at the University of Edinburgh

CNRS Professor at Sorbonne University

Research Interests:
  • Security Analysis and Design of Quantum Protocols

  • Experimental Implementation of Quantum Protocols

  • Foundation of Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum Parallel Computing

  • Quantum Complexity Theory, Interactive Proof Systems

  • New Models for Quantum Computing

Kashefi has pioneered a transdisciplinary research on the structure, behaviour, and interactions of quantum technology, from formal and foundational aspects all the way to actual industrial use-case delivery. Kashefi's research team innovates across a broad range of platforms (photonic, superconducting, ion trap) with an integrated software research programme (simulation, modelling and verification) delivering impact in quantum computing (machine learning, cryptanalysis) and quantum networks (quantum cryptography, quantum cloud computing) in a certifiable way (provable security, practical benchmarking, verification of computation). She is a recipient of an EPSRC Early Career and back-to-back Established Career Fellowship awards, a recipient of the Les Margaret Intrapraneur prize (France, 2021), and an elected member of the Young Academy of Scotland (Royal Society of Edinburgh). She has been awarded several UK, EU, and US grants for research in quantum computing, software, communication, and applications. As a global community leader, Kashefi champions the quantum application ecosystem: she is NQCC Chief scientists; co-author of the EU Quantum Software Manifesto; Senior science team member for the UK QCS hub. She has served on programme and steering committees of flagship conferences of the field (e.g. QCrypt, TQC, QIP), published 130+ articles across high impact venues and delivered 300+ invited talks in major workshops, conferences, symposiums, and industry events.

Featured Publications:
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