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Quantum Week 2024


One week, three events  |  Edinburgh  |  15th-19th April 2024

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Quantum Software Lab Embraces UK National Quantum Missions

30 Nov 2023

A Milestone for Advancing Quantum Computing and Networking by 2035

We at the Quantum Software Lab are thrilled to hear about the UK's new national quantum missions, which resonate deeply with our ongoing research and development endeavors. These missions, as outlined by the UK government, chart a course for significant advancements in quantum computing and networking by 2035. Specifically, in alignment with our activities at Quantum Software Lab, the following key points in Mission 1 and Mission 2 stand out: "Mission 1: by 2035, there will be accessible, UK-based quantum computers capable of running 1 trillion operations and supporting applications that provide benefits well in excess of classical supercomputers across key sectors of the economy.

We will do this through three mutually reinforcing core outcomes:

  • To have competitive UK-based commercial capabilities across hardware, control architecture, and the supply chain that can enable performance in excess of 1 trillion coherent quantum operations;

  • To combine this operational capacity with algorithm development and software capabilities to complete multiple useful calculations of significant value to the economy and society on a quantum computer – ones that are not practically possible on the world’s most powerful supercomputers. High impact will be achieved in the following sectors at a minimum: healthcare, finance, transport, defence, energy, and manufacturing; and

  • To seamlessly integrate quantum computing into high performance computational workflows, enabling user access and widespread adoption, accompanied by user readiness support across the UK economy."

"Mission 2: by 2035, the UK will have deployed the world’s most advanced quantum network at scale, pioneering the future quantum internet.

  • Scale computing: A quantum network in 2035 will see clusters of quantum processors networked together within and between data centres to scale computing power, turbocharging our ability to unlock high impact applications. This outcome will be integrated with Mission 1.

Nationwide connectivity: We will be able to connect researchers and users in major cities and locations across the whole of the UK, enabling them to share information in a quantum state to facilitate secure, trustworthy, and remote access to capabilities and data." Read more about National Quantum Strategy Missions

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