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Quantum Week 2024


One week, three events  |  Edinburgh  |  15th-19th April 2024

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Quantum Computing at Soapbox Science Edinburgh!

1 Jul 2024

Our Kenza Hammam present the idea of Quantum Computing for public audience at Soapbox Science Event

Dr. Kenza Hammam recently stepped into the public eye at a lively Soapbox Science event at the Mound precinct, transforming the bustling town square into a hub of curiosity about quantum computing. A passionate advocate for science and inclusivity in STEM, she addressed an eager audience in the heart of Edinburgh, translating complex scientific concepts into a thrilling and accessible narrative that everyone could enjoy. With a blend of passion and humour, she explained how quantum computers, unlike traditional ones, operate in a realm where particles can exist in multiple states at once.

Her lively presentation drew parallels to Schrödinger’s cat, stimulating thought among the audience while aiding their grasp of the mind-bending idea of superposition and entanglement. Dr. Hammam shared compelling examples of how quantum computing could optimize complex logistical challenges, accelerate drug discovery, enhance weather forecasts with unparalleled precision, revolutionizing the gaming industry, among a myriad of other applications; highlighting the vast potential these technologies hold. Her enthusiasm was contagious, turning complex theories into a thrilling adventure story that resonated with people of all ages.

By emphasizing that quantum computing is not just for scientists but for everyone, Dr. Hammam broke down barriers and inspired an appreciation for quantum science among the audience. Her ability to make quantum computing fun and relevant left many attendees excited about the future of this cutting-edge technology and eager to learn more. Dr. Hammam’s soapbox session was not just a talk; it was a call to action, encouraging the public to take an interest in quantum computing, possibly inspiring the next generation of leaders in quantum technologies.

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