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Quantum Week 2024


One week, three events  |  Edinburgh  |  15th-19th April 2024

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QSL hosts a workshop on utilising Nvidia CUDA Quantum

28 Oct 2023

Bridging Quantum Platforms: QSL Collaborates with NVIDIA’s CUDA Quantum in an Engaging Workshop

In an exciting step forward for quantum computing collaborations, the Quantum Software Lab (QSL) is proud to introduce an exclusive workshop designed to meld the QSL ecosystem with NVIDIA's CUDA Quantum platform. This initiative aims to lay the foundation for joint projects and broaden horizons for all involved. Key Features of the Workshop: Holistic Presentations: Dive deep into both ecosystems and understand the nuances of CUDA Quantum. Hands-on Sessions: Experience real-time demonstrations and get a first-hand feel of building on CUDA Quantum. Open Discussions: Engage with NVIDIA's Quantum Application Engineers, ask questions, and share insights. Wider Participation: Beyond the core members of QSL, partners from across the University of Edinburgh are actively participating, enhancing the collaborative spirit. This event exemplifies the commitment of QSL and NVIDIA to drive advancements in quantum technology and foster an environment of collective growth and learning. Stay tuned for updates, highlights, and more from this collaborative frontier!

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