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Debasis Sadhukhan

Senior Researcher

Research Interests:

Quantum Simulation, Quantum Error Mitigation

I am a quantum information theorist with a background in the intersecting fields of Quantum Information Theory, NISQ-Era Quantum Computation, and Quantum Many-Body Systems. For near-term quantum technologies, I am interested in developing efficient techniques for Quantum Error Mitigation/Characterization, and Distributed Quantum Computation. I am trying to use the same for NISQ-era Quantum Simulation using Variational Quantum Algorithms (for digital processors like IBM Quantum, Rigetti, etc.) and Adiabatic Quantum Control (for analog hardware e.g. QuEra). My simulation approaches are mostly focused towards simulation of non-equilibrium dynamics of complex quantum systems. I am also interested in quantum information theory in general - from Quantum Correlations Beyond Entanglement to Multipartite Entanglement Measures and their Computational Complexities.

Featured Publications:

1. Lakkaraju, Ghosh, DS and Sen(De), Mimicking quantum correlation of a long-range Hamiltonian by finite-range interactions, arXiv:2206.09199 (2022)

2. Mills, DS and Kashefi, Simplifying errors by symmetry and randomisation, arXiv:2303.02712 (2023)

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