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Research Intern

Research Interests:
  • Quantum Machine Learning

  •  Variational Quantum Algorithms

  •  Post-quantum Cryptography, Deep Learning

I have just completed my BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh (spending a year at Queen’s University, Canada), writing my dissertation on a QAOA-based approach to hard lattice problems and integer factorisation under the supervision of Petros Wallden. In October, I will be starting a Master's at the University of Oxford. Currently, I am working on quantum neural networks for learning so-called local inversion unitaries under the wider goal of learning and/or compressing quantum circuits with only black-box access. I am also exploring the use of deep learning techniques for characterising and sequencing the noise fingerprint of near-term quantum devices to understand both the distinguishability of states produced by arbitrary (noisy) devices, and forecast the evolution (or devolution) of their noise profiles in time. Both of these projects are being supervised by Mina Doosti

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