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Julien Michel


Research Interests:
  • Free-energy calculations ;

  • Drug design ;

  • Statistical thermodynamics ;

  • Quantum chemistry ;

  • Machine learning ;

  • Scientific software engineering

Julien holds a Personal Chair in Biomolecular Simulation at the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh. Julien’s research interests focus on molecular simulation methodologies for computer-aided drug design. A particular focus is on computation of protein-ligand binding affinities, and on manipulation of protein dynamics to control biological function. Recent interests include the development of methodologies that blend physics-driven (molecular dynamics) and data-driven (machine learning) approaches to enhance the accuracy, throughput and domain of applicability of biomolecular simulations. Julien is also Founder and Director of the OpenBioSim Community Interest Company, a software company that promotes and supports the use of open-source biomolecular research software by academic and industrial communities.

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